Was born in 1975, Ankara. Studied fine arts, architecture and cinema. Lives and works in İstanbul.

Aslı Vural’s works depict the modern life as it is reflected in the chaos of the city.
Streets, avenues, highways, houses, apartment buildings, residences, office buildings, malls, cars, traffic, underground… The city from all angles and the person imprisoned in the city and life around it.

The dichotomy of panic attack and commercial billboards, antidepressants and dieticians, solariums and gyms, yoga and organic food telling the story of a vanishing of the individual. The compression of the people by the hubbub of the city. The chaos pulling the individual in and then consuming her.

Vural’s latest series called “Disruption”, takes the duality of the individual and the metropol as a starting point. Skyscrapers like beehives in all the cities and towers of construction cranes are the mark of a new lifestyle fed to the individual.

This process claiming to be the architect of our lives, consumes the nature while “nature-friendly green buildings” are erected at full speed. The ecology being deliberately destroyed, forests being devoured by the sprawling cities symbolizing the destruction and the new order of things. At its core this is a segmentation, fragmentation and decomposition, and the individual craves to aquire a place in this new paradigm. Now that all the rules are broken the disruption will bring a new lifestyle.

The artist removes architectural imprintings and impressions to a real level. Surfaces that look like parts of a whole, which extend to infinity traces their marks on the canvas with paint. The chaos, darkness and void leftover from the destruction of nature stack over each other as transparent layers. In the artist’s mind the cities represent happiness, anger, extacy, panic, horror and chaos. Although concurrently the metropol is dynamic, excited, free and creative. All these concepts are reflected in Vural’s works as silhouettes of the city she lives in.